Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Philosophy of Others

The wise have said their piece
Expounded, explained and elucidated
All in search for a moment of peace
To show a path to the deviated

Who can walk on the path?
Meant for someone else
Who can burn for sins of others?
In someone else's hell

The wise walk the path that wise do
Each step measured like a chess move
Then there are people like me
Chaotic monkey brains fighting boredom

I have read books and articles and listened to gurus
All this doesn't matter worth a bucket of shit
Real life doesn't give a shit about philosophies
Only your own code works when it comes down to it

I quit writing this poem in between and then finished it the next day. It's just about the sickness that comes from eating the philosophies of others that they've created through their own experiences. How can someone else's code, no matter how universal, work for your own life? Still thinking about it.

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