Friday, December 11, 2015

2 AM

They say
Nothing good happens after 2 AM
You could go out for a drive
Get in a fight
Or wrap your car around a tree
You could get robbed or stabbed or murdered out there in streets after 2 AM

After 2 AM, the cops are as dangerous as the thieves and the world in general is a rabid dog with hate in its heart and madness in its eyes

The cities are peaceful like time bombs, cancer, or someone holding dark secrets in their dark heart.

Peaceful, for now.

Like a dam slowly filling up to capacity and cracking at the foundations. A cloud pregnant with hate, ready to rain acid down on parched earth.

After 2 AM, don't walk out of your house.
Stay hidden.
The world is out to get you.
And it has new teeth and claws.
Already wet with blood of fools.

But it's 2 AM and my neighbor is
Cooking smelly eggs again
While I just rage-washed a sink load of dishes and now my hands smell of soap

Like I said,
Nothing good happens after 2 AM

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