Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Experiment

Here's an experiment,
You can do it in the comfort of your home
In fact, we, at Omega Machine, encourage you
To try this at home

Choose a well lit room
Choose the biggest mirror
Choose your face
Yes, that beautiful face

Now, look
Really look
Look hard in the eyes in that mirror
Look how those eyes stare at you
Stare into those eyes
But don't get hypnotized

Still here?
This is the second phase of the experiment
And, we are sorry to say, this might hurt a bit
But that's okay!
It's supposed to hurt, you know
What's life without a bit of pain?

Now stretch your right arm in front of your face
Face your palm, look at the lines in your hand
What do they tell you?
Move that arm clockwise
Till it's parallel to your cheek
Then slap yourself as hard as you can
Till you're ready to face the world
(i am so sorry)

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