Friday, March 8, 2013

The Temple

My temple is shaking
Foundation are breaking
The worms of indifference
Sickened with confidence

Above me, the vultures 
Below, alligators
They circle
They circle

Willing me to falter

A misstep
A hurdle
A mistake
A blunder

My vision is blurry
My goddess in hurry
She calls out to me
I run, not for fun
I fall to my knees
Whisper please
She's somewhere else
Ignoring me, boring me
I lie by her doors
The wait I abhor
It eats me
It beats me
To pieces
To pieces
The longer I wait
The stronger my hate
It beats me 
It eats me
From inside 
From outside
The vultures are closer
They circle
They circle
I falter
I stumble
So why won't you love me?
So why won't you love me?
I don't know.

1 comment:

  1. I know
    I felt it
    I ate it
    Absorbed it
    And grind it
    In one bite
    I swallowed it
    And regurgitated
    With my own frustration in it.

    Because I understood it.