Monday, March 11, 2013

Hope Is Like

Hope is like smoking a cigarette in the rain
You try to ignite it with a thought from your brain
It sputters and spatters but never catches the flame
Time ticks away and only you are to blame

You look for someone or something to destroy
When everything around you begins to annoy
In a way that most people would not dare to think
You seek your medication in a bottle of drink

Why do you feel pain if you don't care
Why seek eternity when you won't be there
This ball of water will fall into the sun
Too bad, you'd be too dead to join in the fun

Do you see the point? Futility of it all
We are born, we suffer, we run and we crawl
Away from our problems in problems of others
Can't even blame it on fathers and mothers

The finger of blame is an inverted U
You point it at others but it's pointed at you
Your misery, confusion, the fear and the pain
It's all your fault and I'll say it again and again


  1. Oh, dear P, one of your best. So well woven. So powerful. Gave up hope long time again. It's the food of weak minds. Of those who have no guts to face the reality. Thumb up.

  2. Did I say again? LOL Sorry. My comment is after one heck of a day, when, arrived at home, I wanted to leave again, but I didn't know where. So sorry for the "ago" error. :D

  3. This comment is a mere gesture of respect. You didn't leave any goddamned amount of hope or scope.