Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pigs In Darkness

Hear me snort
I am under your bed
Hear me exhort
Dreams from your head

You might be big
Without any fear
But I'm your pig
I'll always be here

Chewing on the dreams
Bones and the marrow
Digesting your screams
Friendly like a flying arrow

You're always there for me
I am always there for you
We'll never be free (of each other)
Cuz you're my pig, too




Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Think Of Things

When I lie down in this void, my mind is full of thoughts

With your head nestled comfortably on my shoulder and

Your lips moving to count the beats of my heart

I think of a lot of things

As your breathing labors down while sleep takes you

I look at the ceiling and the slowly spinning fan

I listen to rain beat a rhythm on the window

And I think of a lot of things.

Your hair smells nice as ever

Your skin is warmed by my touch

Maybe you're dreaming or pretending

While I think of a lot of things

I kiss the crown of your head

Hold you closer to fend of the dread

Of the things that crawl in the dark

Of the things in void that think of us

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Crows

The crows flew around me
Sitting on my shoulders
They whispered lies in my ears
That they learned from her

Even though I know
That I can't trust the crows
Their words, I still listen
Just know what I am missing

For I learned long ago
It is not what you know
But what you don't know
You have to take it slow

Learn to read between the lines
Sift through the truth that sounds fine
You will see the cracks shine
You will see the lies align

So I tell my own lies to the crows
They take my messages to her
We play this game, back and forth
Till one of us gives up and stirs

Capture Hope

You can break down the morning
Into little pieces
Dissect it or chop it
But how would you find
The molecules that
Make up the beauty
Of a drop of dew
Spread into a million colors
With the first ray of sunlight

You can inspect the dusk
With your science and reason
With your atheism and religion
You'd still not capture
What makes the moon sing
In the memory of a lover
Who left long ago

How can you cure desire?
How can you capture hope?