Wednesday, September 21, 2011


From dirt I arise
Back to dirt I will go
Not a day too soon
Not a day too late
When the time comes
To seal my fate
Stab it with a black knife
Seal that coffin shut
Set it on fire
Throw the ashes in the Nile
In the Ganges 
Sprinkle on top of Mr. Everest
Then after a thousand years or so
As nature takes its course
I will be whole again
To arise from the dirt
Be me again

Dirt. That's us.


  1. Loved it. Introspective and makes you reflaect on your purpose in life. Good stuff man.

  2. Hi Nothingman its been quite a while i've been away from this fabulous place....

    i hope to restart ' Buddha's garbage' one of these days....

    Nice to know your name's Pallav, could'nt be any better for a guy who's teasing , laughing and mocking at life, ....moreover,is the most sincere blogging guy i've'nt yet met!

    Thousands greeting to you!


  3. Hey, Orgasmik, old friend, nice to see you here :) and even nicer to know that you will be writing again. Your words have always been mind openers...keep in touch brother:)