Saturday, May 21, 2011

Irritate Me

You fucking irritate me
Lying, backstabbing scum
Don't you dare instigate me
Cuz now we're just done
You have no mind for honor
You live without a code
Your life is stuck in a limbo
A jealous burning mode
Drown in your own devices
Of hate and angry noise
Bitch on like a housewife
You don't have a choice
This is all you can do
And this poem is my "fuck you"
Die in a ditch
Like the bitch

More coming!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


We are the broken people
The forgotten, unloved ones
Living or just going through each day
Surviving every Monday

We are the liars and cheaters
The fat, the ugly ones
Hiding behind the masks we've created
Armor of words shielding egos we've inflated

We are the haters and trolls
The angry, the addicted ones
We never sleep, always online
Convinced as fuck, everything is fine

We are the curious non believers 
Screaming questions into the void
We have no faith, we can't trust
Our attention you better avoid

We are the lost and shameless
Blinded by ignorance and empathy
We are among you, glued to screens
Slaves to dopamine and our dying dreams

i miss writing poems.