Sunday, September 5, 2010


What the fuck has happened?
Warriors turned to bitches
Complaining about the wounds
That were once hailed as prizes

These scars were a gift
Now they're just ugly marks
The roars that shook the heavens
Now just biteless barks

Saddened, maddened and weak
The strong are now just meek
Waiting to inherit the earth
By default, without war

They don't even feel the shame
Of mud splattered on their name
I know why they fail to see
All of them are only me.


Won't apologise if i am flooding your feed readers or blog link lists with posts. I just feel like writing today. Bear with me. Please.


  1. This poem is a reflection of myself.

    Long time back, i had so much energy. I was ready to take on the world.

    Don't know where all that enthusiasm went.

    Life's all about eating sleeping and popping bottles of mountain dew.

    The warrior has turned into a lazy saint.

    But its all good. =)

  2. We are falling short of Men, most of them have turned either into money making machines or sissies