Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello, been some time.

Many times, we read blog posts where the blogger apologizes to everyone for not posting becuase of a number of strange and equally amusing excuses.

I have not written here for a while, because I've been writing on my primary blog, A Story A Day . I wrote there regularly for around 22 days. Missing five days out of Feb cuz of structural problems or travel obligations, but every night that I was in my room, I wrote. The days I wasn't I wrote on paper.

Why am i telling this here. I don't know. Just freeing up my head space. I just saw that the follower number for this blog has increased. Thanks for following the blog :) i'll come up with some rhyming madness in a bit.

If you want to connect on twitter, my handle there is @fubar69. Follow me, say hi, tell me you came from Poetry and I will love you like my family member :)


1 comment:

  1. here after a long time.
    You've writing a lot bro.
    I wish I had time :)

    take care