Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Put Me Down

I want to write a book
And learn how to cook
Climb the Himalayas
And see the ocean
Make some strange music
For a change, not feel sick
Earn more money
Be more funny
Write more poems
That rhyme better than this one
I just want to have fun

But I have a life to live
And fuck to give
There is no escape here
And I am not taking the coward's way out
So if they put me down, i'll scream and shout and kick and bite and claw
my way to Hades

All the while thinking of your sweet close to mine.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

M1nd L0ad

It's time to get things done boy
No time time for fun or to enjoy

It's time to bite the bullet love
Just plain hard work, no push or shove

It's time to pull up the socks and work
This doesn't rock and there are no perks

It's time to put the fingers to the keyboard
Release the word worms and shed some mind load
Any reward for decent hard work cannot compensate the sweat, blood, and tears.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tie me
In your hair
Throttle me
Right now
Right here

Trap me
You already did
I am hypnotized
A slave to you

Take me
To heaven
Or hell
I will follow
Like a sick puppy

Tell me
When I am bad
How will you punish me
I will
Dream of it

The idea is inspired by Robert Browning's Prophyria's Lover. Just executed in a different style. Not even dirt compared to the real poem, just my dirt.