Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cog In The Machine

I am just another number
Once dumb, now dumber
I am not what I should have been
I am just a fucking cog in the machine

Everyday I go through the same grind
Good times I have left behind, far behind
Someday, I will fall down and rust
But the machine will use me till I go bust

Still the soul in me is an angry beast
It will not let me think or feel, anything else
I will slam my fist in the walls of life
Scream for Death to take me to hell

I know, Death will say no
It's not my time yet
This little cog will protest its anger
To bring down the machine, you bet.

I will be the anomaly
The cancer in the bones of this system
I will not rest till I am the best
Above and beyond everyfuckingone

Feeling random. I used to write shittier poems like this when I was a teenager. Hrrumph.

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