Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eating Bananas At 3 AM

There must be people awake
Talking to their girlfriends
Earplugs stuck in brains
As they lie in their beds
At 3 AM

There must be people awake
Sitting in a call center
Talking to someone in America or maybe UK
With a fake accent
At 3 AM

There must be people traveling
In the buses and trains and cars and on foot
In the darkness from A to B
Waiting for a loo clean enough to pee
At 3 AM

There must be people doing Dirty Things
Somewhere, where, I don't know
Don't even want to
But I know they are doing Dirty Things
At 3 AM

But what I really want to know is,
Why am I
Writing a poem and
Eating bananas
At 3 AM


  1. waiting for a loo clean enough to pee. XD

    Right. You can't WAIT to pee cos you HAVE to.
    This post is much of a revelation of the fact that YOU don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend. ;D

  2. haha
    you were feeling hungry lol
    and yeah no gf :)

  3. Heehee. Some of those naughty people are using bananas I bet...
    Rock on!

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  5. i do that =P eat bananas and wonder about stuff at 3 am =P nice one!

  6. @Limpu...sometimes you have to wait. I do have a girlfriend :) and she sleeps earlier than I do :P where did that boyfriend bit come in? LOL!

    @VickY...bananas are very nutritious. I like bananas! Yes GF!

    @Rex...that's a very astute observation my friend, of course, I expected nothing less from someone of your caliber :D

    Neeraj...hang on dude.

    ms.parker... pretty profound an experience I must say! :D


  7. LMAO I LOVE THIS! really do, I often don't stay up till three in the morning for some scary superstitious belief but maybe after reading this, I'll stay up till 3 AM and instead of pulling a scared face I'd smile thinking of a random guy writing a poetry while eating banana at 3 AM.

  8. its 3 now and you can call anytime:)