Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Things We Love

Thoughts crash into me like Butterflies
Like psycho clowns throwing Apple pies
I slam them back the best I can
If I cannot I might not be The Man

This tug of war cannot be won
We'll always be two, never one
Keep passing responsibilities
Like poisoned sharp time bombs

We sit across this dinner table
Candles, wine and food for two
Some fuck's making this a fable
As you eat me and I eat you

Do you feel ashamed to say you love me?
Or am I choking you too hard?
Why can't you speak those three words?
Or accept Death as a reward?

We should kill the things we love, or the things we love will kill us.


  1. Done. I'm killing my best friend, my godmother, my brother, my dad, my boyfriend, my farlandRomeo, my soulmate and Amy Lee.

    No wait, there's more.:/