Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cigarette

The cigarette dangles from her slender fingers
Leaving curls of smoke in the air
Lazily, she takes a drag
And blows the smoke in my face

The smile is in her eyes now
The joke is only on me
She strokes my head and touches my cheek
Almost motherly

The ashes float to the floor
She stubs the cigarette in my skin
I wince in pain but do not cry
I light another one for her

We do this till the morning light
Till I'm out of breath and out of fight
She uncuffs me so I can rest
Tonight will be another test

Of love, love and love
Brrr, this is kinda spooky. Don't know where it just jumbled together from. The premise here is that a guy and a girl love each other but she is so possessive that she won't let him go. And the weird thing here is that the guy is ok with her possessiveness. So, it's like a mutually beneficial, not predatory, but symbiotic relationship which keeps everyone happy! yay! #WIN

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bloody Love :: A Poem Of War Love

You take the one sword from my hand
And skewer the man behind me.
I kiss your lips and throw my staff
In face of man who you can't see

There is blood and guts on your hands
Your fingers intertwined in mine
We course through this massacre
Our love baby, is so fine

You wipe the blood from my eyes
That glimmer full of love for you
As I twist the neck of a fucker
Who got too close for comfort

We are joined by blood in this battlefield
The blood of our enemies who lie dying
So lets consummate our union, come
In midst of warriors screaming crying

Their screams will be our blessings
Their curses, our boons
Death and murder the gifts we take
Our bloody love will shine eternal

Monday, September 21, 2009

The World Disappears

In a senseless void
There is no sensation
No feeling
No pain
No love
No hate
No madness
The only feeling is a numbness of the heart and soul
I have drifted so long, now
I am the void
Man, I've lost all drive today
To be something
To do something
To live
Or to die
Just a barren landscape of my mind
Where I do not even try
To do anything
But I guess it's all ok
Yeah, still it's all ok
As long as
I can write poems
Out of my misery

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Poem Of Feelings

There are leeches in the water
There are swarms in the air
There are people on the sidewalks
They are listening to John Mayer

There is no place that is safe
There is no one who is sane
When the chips all fall off
You too should better go insane

The stink of the world is wrong
No one listens to your song
Withering in the oil of loneliness
You can't get out of this mess

Words do not make sense at times
There is no sense in words anyway
It all boils down to how you feel
And if those feelings are really real

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Have you ever crashed?
Did time slow down?
Those useless actions that didn't help
Twisting and turning to get things back under control

The surprise on failing control
The rush of adrenaline through your system
That sudden spike of energy
That made you invincible, unbreakable

So fuck it if you broke
Cuz it could have been worse
Think of every breath as a blessing
Ride with Death's hand on your shoulder

The feeble grip of bony fingers
That gets tighter on every fast turn
Watching every errant vehicle near you
Let Death protect you.

Almost crashed today. Thankfully, not a single scratch. Thanks to whoever is up there taking care of me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Sink

Come with me
We'll sink together
In this black slush
That has become the days
And nights
Every breath
Is an effort
Fuck being positive
Happiness is pain
So let me remain
In this state of
A perpetual decent
Let us see how far
We can fall
How deep can we go
While gripping thin strands of sanity
With our rotting teeth
Some let's sink
Let's go beneath

The Things We Love

Thoughts crash into me like Butterflies
Like psycho clowns throwing Apple pies
I slam them back the best I can
If I cannot I might not be The Man

This tug of war cannot be won
We'll always be two, never one
Keep passing responsibilities
Like poisoned sharp time bombs

We sit across this dinner table
Candles, wine and food for two
Some fuck's making this a fable
As you eat me and I eat you

Do you feel ashamed to say you love me?
Or am I choking you too hard?
Why can't you speak those three words?
Or accept Death as a reward?

We should kill the things we love, or the things we love will kill us.