Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There is a hole in my head
But I'm not dead
Just a zombie, alive
Somehow I've survived

Of course there is love
The push turned to shove
If there is anything I miss
It's the kiss

The voices in my head giggle
They know something that I don't
Really don't know wtf that is
Don't wanna find out either

I have added another poem to the horde
They will soon come for you and kill you
I will write some rhymes in your obituary
Maybe yes, maybe not

A Poem of Saying No.

I'm not listening anymore
To what the world has to say
I have middle fingers stuck in my ears

I won't even see you talk
The things that you want to tell me
They are useless

I will not speak to you
There is nothing left to be spoken
All we had once, is broken

I am not me anymore
Cuz I wasn't me to begin with
Yes, I am sure
You have to say No sometime. That time is when you put your foot down and say fuck it I'm not taking this bullshit anymore.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Poem of Monotony:: Spin The Vicious Cycle

The same shit
But they day is different
A different texture
And smell

The same anger
Useless frustration
Will not move me
Laziness has seeped in my pores

The same mistakes
Fucked as fucked can be
When will we learn
To be unhappy in misery

More words down on paper
This will lead to nothing
Why do I do these things
Fuck everything

The same shit
But they day is different
A different texture
And smell

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Confused Confessions :: A Poem about Madness

I have carved runes in my skin
I have sinned more than sin
I have drank the dark of the night
I have lost and won love in a fight

My world is scattered around me
All day I'm looking through the debris
Searching for something I will not find
Because I know I left it far behind

The innocence and the purity are gone
In darkness I'm sitting all alone
In company of a grin on my face
If I fuck up, I won't leave a trace

Please don't look at me like this
Come here, give me a kiss
I'm not a bad man, just misunderstood
I'm worse than me, isn't that good?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Cycle Of Screams : A Poem

The circle spins
A cycle of pain
It spins and spins
As we grow insane

There are monkeys on wires
Everything is Electric
Souls poked with desires
Doesn't it make you sick?

The screams are so lovely at times
They shake the sky and stars blur
I wonder what are our crimes
That make us live and suffer

A scream is tattooed on my skin
Each days its buried deep within
I scratch the wound and bleed like fuck
Life and death are fate and luck

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chainsawed in a Million Pieces

I got a chainsaw
And a score to settle
I'm gonna shove up your jaw
All this fucking metal

You show me teeth
Well I got teeth too
And these are made of steel
Now they wanna kiss you

I sure can't hear you scream
All I hear is the whrinn whrinn
Wake up this is not a dream
You will die and I will win!

Man, do I love writing angry shit.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Tank On Planet Earth -

A Poem of Monkeys and Tankman

The green has taken over the planet
Monkeys frolic and bounce in the trees
Man had invited this fate
And the end of human species

But there is only one last hope
A man left in darkness to grope
Alone in a tank in middle of nowhere
Just ammo and a desire to be somewhere (else)

Does he fight to survive or for a higher purpose?
What strange voices make his head buzz?
Where does the new stock of ammo come from?
All this questions are unanswered in his head

So he sits in the last tank on planet earth
Waiting for the commands he has heard since his birth
The can of beer in his hand is still cold
The Tankman is 25 and he isn't getting old.

Ok, I am back with poems bubbling in my head. There are going to be more Monkey Poems and more Tankman Poems. Cuz someone here mentioned them. Yesh, MKan, I mean you :) thanks!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Poem of Words

They slither through my fingers
Treacherous, friendly, they bite me
I push them in order in sentences
Angry, disgruntled they fight me

Some say its easy to write
They should feel a word's bite
The sting in a critical comment
It fucking mental torment
(But needed, much)

I have stared at empty screen for days
From January till many Mays
Till the words trickled like blood drops
Breathing red in my dying hopes

It has been a tough ride so far
I've been crawling without a car
I'm afraid now, standing at the crossroad
Am i strong enough to take a writer's load?