Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Put Me Down

I want to write a book
And learn how to cook
Climb the Himalayas
And see the ocean
Make some strange music
For a change, not feel sick
Earn more money
Be more funny
Write more poems
That rhyme better than this one
I just want to have fun

But I have a life to live
And fuck to give
There is no escape here
And I am not taking the coward's way out
So if they put me down, i'll scream and shout and kick and bite and claw
my way to Hades

All the while thinking of your sweet close to mine.


  1. Nice one !!! small & quick with absolute clarity and neat flow. Thanks for sharing !!!!

  2. Yes!
    The captured feeling
    of being sort of captured in life
    Rock on!

  3. Himalaya ki godh mein , hein??....

    } )

    salaam !!


  4. An emotional ride. Love the humor and felt the passion.