Sunday, March 15, 2009

M1nd L0ad

It's time to get things done boy
No time time for fun or to enjoy

It's time to bite the bullet love
Just plain hard work, no push or shove

It's time to pull up the socks and work
This doesn't rock and there are no perks

It's time to put the fingers to the keyboard
Release the word worms and shed some mind load
Any reward for decent hard work cannot compensate the sweat, blood, and tears.


  1. the reward always compensates everything if it really is decent hard work...just wait and see.

  2. I agree.
    I hate it when I try so hard for something and the lack appreciation I receive is so damn frustrating.

  3. 007...mujhe bhi nai pata kya likha hai :P

    AK...waiting is the tough part when the bastards who didn't do shit keep getting ahead! :(

    HFM...feels like a waste of time and effort. I know that feeling. :|


  4. Liked the last two lines!!! Keep writing!!!

  5. Your mind, of all people's, must be surely loaded!