Friday, January 30, 2009

The Poem of Waiting

Strange tides have washed up my shores
I am getting bored of intellectual whores
This is a time when I must do what it takes
This is a time when I need a break

Poems shall resume in month of March
I'll most probably buy a new watch
There is a dragon to kill and monsters to slay
I also have my birthday in May

So, as I take your leave don't be disheartened
I shall be back cuz words are important
Writing words is the only work that I like
I think of writing even when I ride my bike

It's been fun and games but I feel tired
Don't celebrate right now cuz I've not retired
I've just shut one blog and put the other on hold
I'll post poems and stories when we're away from this cold.
ASAD is on hold and The Fucked Up has been shut down. Poetry, which wasn't getting too many updates shall have to suffer with the others till March 1.
Adios, Amigos!


  1. ohh man, that is bad but yes everybody needs a break... hope you will be back as you said because,

    I don't seek wisdom,
    I don't want happiness,
    I don't believe in sanity,
    All i need is poetic madness,

    I know a very bad imitation of your poem ;)

  2. u shalll be misssssssssssssssed!!

  3. still alive n Kicking?? tats gr8 man ;)
    Hmmm looking for ur return..

  4. Greetings – Nice site you’ve created! I came by to say hi …and to invite you to stop by Image & Verse for a visit, or just to say hello.

  5. You always make us wait.