Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jaws Of Death

I am standing in the shadows again
The night is dark, cold is the rain
I can feel the throb in one vein
A sigh escapes with a trickle of pain

The old friends, the guns are heavy in my hands
A comfort, as I kill my way through these strange lands
I left a trail of death and pain in my wake
Let's see how much more can they take

I killed for reasons
In all the seasons
I killed whole groups
And twos and ones.

There are still bullets left in these guns
And they will last these two dying suns
There are many more of them left to kill
The jaws of death can never be filled


  1. No reasoning behind this killing? Is it solely for the purpose of comfort to your soul, or have they wronged you?

  2. nah, no reason... just dil kiya to maar diya :P


  3. Ohh right.
    We usually are slaves of our hearts,right?
    I love that your pen followed shortly afterwards

  4. Oh great! Thanks! NOW I want to go shoot guns and be all cool and destructive in the rain!
    Rock on!

  5. Glad you are back, i have been reading your poems... any thing i would say in appreciation wouldn't justify the talent you have...