Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drunk Again

Drunk Again

I do not drink to drown the pain
I do not drink cuz I'm insane
I do not drink in vain
I just like the taste of vod

I do not drink because I can
I do not drink cuz I am a man
I do not drink in a van (Will never do)
I just like to get high

I do not drink because my heart is broken
I do not drink cuz my wounds are open
I do not drink in company of others
I just like to be alone with my alcohol

I do not drink because its cheap
I do not drink cuz I am a creep
I do not drink cuz all friends do
I'd just like to drink with you


I mean, you tell me something better to do on a saturday night, when you are all alone?


  1. Ambassador of Vodkaheads.

  2. oh yeah i know you would. we'll have that drink sometime. ;) ;)

  3. I tell you what..don't be alone on a saturday night. Saturday night is saTURD-ayi night if you aolone. Get life. :P being silly. I dont mean none of that. You drink and write poems on saturday; drink and write on fucked up on fridays; drink and write on ASAD on sunday..

    The other 4 days of the week..your liver and stomach go pardyyying and thank god that you dont have anymore blogs.

    Duh. (You duh. YOU. Not me.)


  4. interestingly, i went camping for te weekend all alone on a near-virgin beach, and on saturday evening i had the urge to watch the sunset over a couple of beers...after a beer and a half, i felt like offering beer to random people on the beach. the first person i asked accepted, after my catch line of "it's no fun drinking beer alone" :D

    ps: probably a post on my blog about this incident coming up sometime soon :)

  5. @CL...
    That's how I like it :)

    Salut! cheers to that!

    THAT drink! Awesome!! :)

    Give me some life yaar, it's tough to get it on my own. Hey I write when I get time :) not depending on drinking sessions, though, I drink whenever I get time too ;) he he he

    Virgin beach did you say? How many virgins did it take to make that beach? talk about THAT in your post. And why share your beer when you can have it all yourself! It might not be fun, but its beer! :D

    Thanks all for commenting.
    May you all get drunk and stay drunk.



  6. Lol. Good one.

    Although I prefer to drink in company rather than alone.