Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Secrets

My Spaced

My privacy lies in tatters
My secrets no more matter
By social networking I am hogged
My whole life has been blogged!

I daily Google my own name 
To sate my monster ego
And I know I'll be seen on facebook
To whichever party I go

I check my email 60 times a day
To see how many blog comments I got today
I always wanna know what people say
Even if they say that I am gay

Now I'm trapped like a fly in world wide web
I'm happy there is no escape from this
I'm always afraid that if I die
It's the Internet I'd hugely miss

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Monkey Is Us

The Monkey Is Us

You can look for monkeys

You can look for tanks
When shit hits the fan
Remember to say thanks!

There is a monkey for each one of us
There is a tank meant for each monkey
Life is just like riding on a bus
One crash can make you look funky

Maybe we are all monkeys without tails
And living life is a series of fails
We should be climbing trees and eating bananas
With hair all over, a long tail and a red ass

Monkey poems always get good hits
I don't know why people search for them
So, I just rhyme with whatever fits
Da da da, de de de, dem dem dem

we are getting regular, keep ur eyes open!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks! Motherfuckers!

Thanks to all the bloggeratti Motherfuckers. You have been bringing me a lot of hits (100+) by pasting the link of my blog in your fucking little orkut scrapbooks.

Fuck you all. You can all fuck off from this blog and die on the train tracks for all I care. Your poems suck worse than my poems and you are NOT creating awareness. Besides, you are all fat and ugly.

regular readers, I apologize for the disturbance, I mean a poet has to deal with the stupidity of the people in his own ways. There will be a poem on "The Eternal Conflict" tomorrow. 

Can't forget the monkeys can we?

Oh, by the way have you seen the rocking pink header at A Story A Day? No? have a look, link is on this page somewhere. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


The group got together at last.
They all wanted to take action fast
Let's take something that's sensitive they said
The all sat together and scratched their heads

One said I know let's write about pollution
Other said no man, to pollution there is no solution
Another said let's write about the corruption in the system
Got a reply, hey even we do it to get work done

Then various topics got thrown in the air
They all ended with neither here nor there
Scrabbling at the mess their thoughts had become
None of the topics could give them any fun

The one fucker found out someone's pain they could use
Hey fuckers let's write poems about child abuse.
Give pens to monkeys and this is what will happen.
Motherfuckers all.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Lava Of Life

The lava of life is
slowly overpowering me
Dead, I want to stay
but life is forcing me to scream

I spit out empty words from my parched tongue
There is only hate and anger in my lungs
I want it all to die but still I breathe
In my own impotent hell, like living lava,
I seethe
that's all folks!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I LOL at your pain

LOL motherfucker!
You are, like, totally insane
You rot in your misery
While I LOL at your pain

I ROFLMAO when you talk
I think WTF when I see you walk
You're not good enough for heaven, not bad enough for hell
But I gotta say, you make me LOL

IDK what it is about you
That makes me LOL
Maybe it's your stupid face
Or the fucked up things you tell

Your pain means nothing to me
I'm already LOL, are you fuckin blind to see?
Your tears are wasted as you weep in the mud
Get the fuck up and make me laugh, you dud.


There is a new story up at Have a look, read it and comment, or kick your own ass.

Ha ha LOL!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I watch my torrents download

Torrents swirl in my mind
As I sit and watch them download
On my slow internet connection
The geek in me is somewhat un-satisfied

For I have heard of 2MBPS legends
In the lands far far away
Where people watch movies as they stream
If I could do that, I'd all but scream

But in this moment all I have is this
A study in patience and dogged determination
Of an inbuilt propensity for slow and steady
Even though I know I won't win the race like this

So, I watch my torrents download
Music, comics, books and porn for fun
Even though I can not upload
I will someday, in the times to come

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hey amigo!

I was walking down the road with a Dew in my hand
Not caring about the world or trying to understand
Global warming or pollution don't give me no sweat
This planet is fucked up and we dare not forget

But hey amigo
Where else can we go?

I woke up on Sunday and had a sip of Dew
Newspapers told me the news of me and you
We were famous for our 15 minutes and soon will be gone
I was fucking sad to think, I'd be sleeping alone

But hey amigo
Who else do the papers know?

I went to the office after breaking fast with dew
The world looked down and beaten, pasted with glue
It was Monday morning what else did I expect?
Got kicked from the job with a 40K check!

But hey amigo
..did you say 40K? Woah!!

When evening came I fell in love with a girl
She was drinking dew and my heart did unfurl
I stood and stared as that ichor dripped from her lips
As she left I stood there staring at her hips

Oh hey amigo

Is this love again? oh NO!


Hey amigo, comment, no!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This blog has completed one year

Huzzah! to all the readers, commenters, linkers, weird stuff searchers and in short everyone who ever pointed their unfortunate browsers to the URL of this blog.

I have BIG things planned for this blog in the near future.

We are going to monitize this blog, we gonna get a cooler template, a FUCK load of google ads and then make FUCK loads of Money to buy A NEW INTERNET CONNECTION!!! An Mp3 player, and comics, and books and maybe some food and clothes but the big reason>>>> so that we can write MORE poetry at REGULAR basis!! :D

Right, please wish me luck in the comments section, if you have any suggestion please say so, and if you have always read but never commented on this blog, now is the best time to de-lurk!

Cheeers !!

here's to another year and more!


Monday, July 7, 2008


Something must break in a man
For something to be achieved
To sow the seeds for future
Old deaths have to be grieved
The darkness must be present
To feel the existence of light
The conflict should ferment inside us
If we are to win, we have to fight

The poison must be consumed
For life to be resumed
In the name of being alive
Everyday, we have to die
A man must be bored
And his soul shamelessly whored
To breathe in the stench of truth
For, we need money even to write poems.
We die a little everyday, with every decision we make.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Freaking Weird Oldies

I almost got run over by a Brahma bull and nearly fell from my bike

Near a big old tree

Where old men with white beards and white kurtas

Sit reading newspapers and chat

About whose daughter in law is the hottest

About the girl who ran away with her boyfriend, for a week

And who is going around with the colony maid, this month.

They talk of some zero figure model

One says he wants to buy the iphone

I can even bring myself to say WTF

Who knows some of these oldies might have blogs?


Oldies talk the dirtiest things. It's even worse than college kids. Freaking Weird Oldies.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Slave to Caffine

Gimme Coffee 
Gimme Mountain Dew
Gimme Red Bull
Or I'll drink YOU!

I don't want no water
I don't need no rain
When the weather gets hotter
Gimme Mountain Dew again

I like my coffee sweet
In the winter or in heat
I am a slave to caffeine
I hope you know what I mean

There is no better rush
Except maybe the hush hush
But I'd stick to caffeine
Better than everything in between

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back Again

There is a time and there is a season
There is a rhyme for every reason
There is a time for war, a time for fun
This poem is not about anything or anyone

There is a girl awake till 2 at night
There is a boy who is not feeling allright
There is a time for waking up, a time for sleeping
This poem is not for shadows that are creeping

There is a dog howling in the street
There is a man sweating in the heat
There is a time for screaming, time for crying
This poem is not about living or dying

There is a clock that is ticking fast
There is a song that is not going to last
There is a time to work and time to play
This time I'm back and you are also here to stay.