Friday, May 9, 2008

The Orange Man

Garbage Picker
Thought Fucker
Creepy man
What is your plan?

If you are a guru
To Ho ja shuru!
But if you're not
Why act so hot?

Your poems are have fallen
Like polythene bags
that clog the drains
on a hot Sunday morning

Sometimes I think if a man can fall sick
It really can not be good for health
To stay for a such a long time, orgasmic
But what do i know, you got the spiritual wealth

Some number of poem on another of my favorite blogger poets. Mind it man and make my day!


  1. Wow N, never thought you'd do me such an honour!

    Well, if it assures you i 'd like you to know that,i love to wear my old torn out jean...and freak out with my friends with all that pseudo intello-spirituo talks.

    the orange man is just a caricature, a joker....

    like you described...a thought fucker, a guru demolisher. But that aint all....he still has a beautiful mind.

    he does'nt seperate the hungers of the monkeys from that of the tankman...he has just gone one step, one step away from all forms of violence.

    Anyway, that was a great shit of a poem!

  2. Happy birthday Man !!:)



  3. Orgasmik...

    the honor is mine ;)

    and glad to know that you knew my birthday! :P