Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Criminal Poet

Yo Maan?
Who Da Faak Maan?
Who Da Faak Maan Do You Maan?
Who Da Faak, Who Da Faak, Do You Think You Are, Maan??
[Port's Note- For the benefit of those not conversant with gang lingo, the rest of the poem will be in normal English]

The sun rises from the middle of two mountains
And you have not yet broken your fast
You are sitting on the shitpot, writing poems, free-ing turds

You rhymes are like crimes
Of murder, suicide, rape and genocide
You have no bit of talent, you failent
and this fact you are too shameless to hide

You think the monkeys will save? You don't know it
When will you start to behave? Like a real poet
And write a poem with big words, unlike your turds
With some meaning, that is not understood by anyone

You think you can get away
By writing poems that are gay
So far you have done, but till when will you have fun
One day you'll get bored and get whored and Abohared

And you think you are something?
Well, breaking news man, you are nothing
You are Nothing man!

Abohared- means sent back to where I came from. Its a deep meaning type play on words.
I don't think anyone with eyes and ability to read has to guess who this poem is about.

This is third in the series of funny satarical poems on bloggers, friends and those I like to read.
You, my friend, just might be next!

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