Friday, April 11, 2008

The Poem That Is Not

The Poem That Is Not

and now, the world slowly dissolves
in the space between a blink and a tear
everything has ended but there is
just us, you and me

and now, maybe we can talk about philo
or how the movies of our lives were too short
or religion if you like
or maybe we'll just look
at each other

and now, we have all the time
that we never had earlier
we can be here with each other till...god knows when
and then maybe sleep a little

oh i will Not talk about monkeys if you say
but can i talk of the tankman anyway?
if not him can we talk of Nothingman
the pearl jam song, we could never understand.
This is how poems should not be written.

To explain, this poem is about four different people, three verses for three girls that I value a lot in my life, and the fourth one, is for you dear reader, because, well, you had it coming! :D. Just visualizing the end of the world with my favorite people.


  1. Well, this wasn't so bad! But somehow...I'm sorry!

  2. i know someone else who did the same thing... four verses to four different girls n one of them was me... n i sat all day readin it over n over again... i wonder who all r readin urs again n again jus to make sense of it... or maybe jus to feel ur presance....