Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Last Tank

The Last Tank On Planet Earth

Rolling down the hills
Mowing down the trees
Scaring away the birds and bees
And the monkeys

The last green monster on planet earth
Is a tank born of death's hearth
Inside the tank the Tankman drives
Everyday they want to kill him, he survives

The monkeys watch from trees up above
Their little hearts full of hate, as they fuck doves
The Tankman hears the doves cry out
The monkeys know, and joyous they shout

But the plot to lure Tankman out does not succeed
Tankman eats doves for dinner, he knows that they bleed
The monkeys now look for something else to eat
The last tank on earth drives out in the heat
The first thing I find funny is how everyone matches 'above' with 'love' or 'dove'. The vision here is a world destroyed and taken over by trees and monkeys, a futuristic jungle and the Tankman is the lone tank driver left in the world, and he has vowed to avenge humanity's death from the monkeys. The monkeys on the other hand are way too many.
Here, Tankman fouls another foul plan of monkeys to be 1up on him.

The Battle Continues.

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  1. y on earth was my comment not published??? hmph!!

    anyways.... me missed d monkey poems... hurray to d tank man... but i feel i sympathise more with d monkeys for some reason *shrug*

    on d whole : me likey :) :)