Monday, February 18, 2008

Pig Kissers

The wrong side of the bed was just all right
I was too drunk to know day from night
I stumbled  into the  dark party rooms
Cupboards full of couples, buckets and brooms

A weird light attracted my sight
With rainbow colors it burned so bright
From under a door it flickered and burned
The curiosity made my insides turn

So I stepped forth and pushed at the door
And what I saw I can't remember anymore
Except the fact that it was something big
And all those people were kissing a pig

Now I have grown frail and old
My bones can tell me hot or cold
The shards of that one night are in my head
I'll remember the pig kissers till I'm dead
I  have no fucking idea where this one came from. Forgive me  for  inflicting this torture on your eyes and  mind. animal rights. Those people were NOT PETA. I don't want any lawsuits, I repeat, this poem has nothing to do with terroristic animal welfare organizations.




  1. dude u know what PETA means?


  2. OMG!!!
    this is awesome poetry!!!

    btw.. why ws thr a light glowing if people wr kissin a pig???

    hehe.. PETA thts funny!!!

  3. um.....nice one but a bit strange!

  4. Wow! I haven't been here in a while and what do I see? This reminds me the weird orgy party scene from Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Amazing what the brain does on its own, isn't it?

  5. the entire scene seems like a weird kind of tale...
    i dont blame u..
    i would definitely remember it till the day i die..if i see anyone kissing a pig!

  6. ROFL... pig kissers...

    definitely weird...

    rokk on dude \m/

  7. Did they just kiss pigs or did they have chipmunks too?
    I'm just curious. :P

    PS: I've forgotten how to spell chipmunk. Damn my spelling. :/