Monday, December 31, 2007

Same Cross, Different Nails

Everyone Dies
Everyone Fails
Compared to Death's style
Life colours look pale

So love bring out that hammer
I am begging to be nailed
With your sharp words
And your promises
To this cross of life again

Hammer them real deep ok
I want to look cool while I am up there
Oh and rub some oil on my abs
Can I have a clip for my long hair?

I'll hang my head on side for the effect
So I can see my fans all clear
I see them stretched miles for the crucifixion
Hey! I think its a happy new year!

But its same shit different day
The same I had yesterday
Same cross different nails
Just more comments on the email.


Happy New year to You All
Get drunk, Stumble but don't fall
Get friends to walk you, or crawl
But on all counts have a ball!!


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  1. Yea i wud want every single chick to nail me over n agn....with my hands tied...urgghh....happy naya a change

  2. i love the poem...
    tribute to monotony of life...


  3. TOT...
    with a face like your icon's, i'm sure they'd be 'coming' with real hammers and nails ;)
    happy naya saal aapoko bhi ;)

    there are worse things to write about than monotony :P Cheers!

    Lovely comment, and with icons of naked angels they are even more fun! :D

    Love and Ice-cream!


  4. hehe... nice one... very new year oriented.. im sure many ppl mirror the same feelings.. actually i think i cn think of atleast three who do...

    hope u had fun on new yaer's eve n all...