Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Peace In My Darkness

The cracks in my stupid heart
Are splayed open for all to see
The mask of smile is on my face
I wash my dirty linen with glee

The memories are really not worth the tears
My dreams only feed on my fucked-up fears
The world is a broken snow globe in the street
Without beauty, without hope, without heat

Ugly stretch marks of my sins
Are tattooed snakes crawling on my skin
You know I never asked for this
But my head and hands are full of shit

And this, this monkey smiles and stares at me
Sitting in a corner munching on peanuts
I try to chill but I want to kill
Have I forgotten not to give a fuck?
One must learn to focus, but life is the biggest distraction.

In the darkness, peace lies.

Damn, someone should get this line tattooed!
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  1. Darkness is the most beautiful of all.

    Oh well, what's the monkey's name then? And does it like cashewnuts too?

  2. Double Sigh.

    Not good when you want to read books though!

    The Monkey's name is unprintable and unpronouncable in earth languages. So I just called him Monkey.

    No cashews. Peanuts only. The bastard has taste I must admit! ;)


  3. this one is really awesome..

    darkness is where we cannot see our wounds..
    and others cannot see our tears...

    its also where we can dream enthused..
    and into that dream, life is infused...

    I think i like this monkey...do introduce me to him sometime..would like to have a tete-a-tete with him..

  4. Vitruvian...

    in darkness others can not see the blood we have spilled either :P or the mountain of dead bodies of our enemies.


    and hey, get your own monkey :P



  5. the poem was good till the monkey ruied it. kill it!!!