Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Talk with a Higher Power

Dude, whats up? Long time no see.
I've been bored like a duck, whats been up your tree?
I thought a lot of mailing you, did you think of calling me?
But now I've got you by the neck. Let's get talking. Right? Whee!

What about the accidents you've been sending my way?
What about the co-worker who turned out to be gay?
And the lap dancing girl who just would not stay?
The auditioning guitarist who played worst than Brian May!

All the ridiculous shit you've been pumping at me
Stories reading like stupidity and fucked up rhymes in poetry
I'm sick of all these jokes I'm sick sick sick in reality!
I've been trying to write so much but you've kept me busy!!

Ah but now your days are done you can't hold down the muse
I've got a bee in my head and I'll use what I can use
I've had it up to here with your literal abuse
Cuz a writer is what I am, this madness I can't lose.

Dude? you awake? why is your face turning blue?
I just held your neck for a minute what is happening to you?!
Come on stop playing, I just needed someone to talk to
But heck, I've had my rant so I have no use for you!

Monday, October 29, 2007


She trawls the darkness of thoughts
Her fingers claw in the minds of men
Grasping and clutching from one to another
She is Keyblaster, there is no stopping her

She builds a castle on the shore of time
In the sands of eternity which look so fine
Every night the waves wash her dream to dust
But she builds again driven by her lust

She strengthens her creations with the thoughts of men
From the stygian corners, there, here, now and then
Every night the castles stands a little longer
Before the waves wash off the creation and the creator

Keyblaster has vowed to create her home
Where she will feed on evil thoughts all alone
But someone on the other end of sea doesn't agree
Keyblaster is imprisoned, never to be set free

She still builds her castle
From thoughts of poets and men
A godly creation touched by satan
She builds her home into the night


Keyblaster, the word came in my head when i woke up from a night of heavy dreaming.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chaos Love

She walked in my life like a car crash on a highway
The thing in my chest gave a lurch like a heart attack
The world tumbled around her like a tower
She could kill with her looks, such was her power

All her love letters always made the postmen sick
The only sound from her gifts was a slight tick tick
Her emails had the virus-es which made my system crash
Her lipstick tasted sweet but it gave me a rash

Our first date was in July and I still remember
I was food poisoned from that day till first of November
A waiter slipped on something and caught the table on his head
I know this cuz he he cursed me while he lay in next bed

She sent me dead roses which stank of the gutter
The flies near me died and the birds didn't flutter
I know it wasn't her, not really her mistake
But there is only so much that a man can take

And this love of mine wasn't meant to be so weak
I got out of the hospital and married her the next week
Now cursed with three hellions my life is a wreck
Her love is a leash that is tied on my neck

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tricky Roads

The monster with one red eye stares at her
The booze in her system shuts off the fear
The pops in another sweet painkiller
And washes it down with a swig of beer

The numbers all count from 60 to 1
She is waiting for zero and oh so much fun
She starts the bike and spins the accelerator
The numbers reach 3 and she is in first gear

A man on a yellow bike zips past her machine
A mad urge to race kicks into her blood stream
She lets out a battle cry and there she goes flying
Wind whips her hair and her eyes start crying

She zooms past the yellow bike and flips him the bird
That man is in a white coat, four eyed like a nerd
His front teeth are broken, his chin is unshaved
She laughs like a maniac as she vrooms ahead

The nerd is a stickler won’t give up the fight
They both turn the corner just on to the right
She twists her machine like a snake in the heat
She will gladly kill but not accept defeat!!

The nerd is now gaining which she doesn’t like
She takes the beer bottle from the front of her bike
One last swig and she throws it behind her
The sound of the tumbling crash just keeps getting sweeter
This one is inspired by Meenakshi's post!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thus Spake God...

It was a bad night in a good way and then God woke up
He had the worst hangover and his head was fucked
He picked up his shoes from the pool of his vomit
The broke through the door cuz he HAD to take a shit.

Mrs God was pissed as he walked into his house
She was armed with a bat and he cowered like a mouse
She started to speak as God willed himself deaf
All he really wanted was his favourite decaf

She threw him out of heaven and he walked on for miles
He sat down and got up and then cursed his piles
Satan saw him walking and beckoned him with a smile
So they both sat together and cursed Mrs God for a while

I've had it up to hear with that bitch and her ways
Satan nodded his head as he listened to God say
I'm gonna get a tent and live my life in a park
But then he noticed that the world was so dark

So God hitched up his birches and pumped up his chest
This was gonna happen but once he had to make it the best
Mrs God was coming for him she was not done with the fight
God ran for his life in the dark and screamed "Let there be Light!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Smoke The Sun

She smoked the sun after dinner
The eternal cigarette kept getting thinner
I could not care much about the sun
Breathing her smoke vomit was much more fun

She stared at me from a veil of smoke
I smiled and said something but then I choked
She giggled like a bunny at my painful expense
Took her a while to realise it was no pretense

I fell to the floor writhing like a fish
She dabbed her cigarette in a petri dish
She slammed one heeled foot in my spine
I coughed out the dinner which was not so fine

I felt ok as she smiled and picked me up
She lit the Earth cigarette this time I couldn't give a fuck
Life burned out of me and I was again on the floor
She smiled, smoked the earth and walked out of the door

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Been A Long Time

Ice Cream screams for more and more
The axe is stuck in the back of the door
There is blood drying silently on the floor
And a long time since I last saw her

Headphones whisper satanic verses
The snow on the TV has an evil color
The air stinks like four months old socks
Been a long time since I saw her

Radio silence has ghosts of dead RJs talking
Animated, they sing songs of dead rock stars
Screaming into the night a banshees dances
Been a long time since I saw her

The shotgun plants a French kiss on my mouth
Embracing me like the Anaconda in my dream
One rib breaks, punctures heart, I pull the trigger
Gonna be a long long time till I'll get to see her

Are you ready?