Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Sadness of Company

I sit with you, you sit with me
We talk of things that we can't see
Of Love, Life, Pain and people and misery
It all starts and ends at you and me

You stare at the invisible world behind my shoulder
Where pink unicorns copulate with teddy bears
Your mouth runs on automatic spilling the beans
And I stare at the world behind your back

Your hands weave spider webs in the air
I'd follow them if only I could care
You said I listen well so that's what I do
You pay for the coffee and I'll always listen to you

And now that the diatribe is done and gone
The coffee mugs are empty all the words have been spoken
Still there is some dirge left to talk of
And you call me for company again next weekend.


People who like to talk


  1. solitude for kickass poetry!!!;)

    these days its difficult to find ppl who actually listen

  2. thats brilliant, you should get some of ur work published in a mag or the newspaper or smething. do you write professionally, at all?

  3. oooh yeah its all about Us buddy ;)
    i weave those cobwebs and you listen well....
    no weekend is complete without ya.