Saturday, September 22, 2007


Fuck life
Fuck death
Fuck CO2
Fuck every breath

Fuck all the memories
Fuck all the stories
Fuck the funny ones
Fuck that were gory

Fuck this planet
Fuck all the humans
Fuck the animals too
Fuck all thats called 'Fun'

Fuck my/your God
Fuck our Devil
Fuck All thats Good
Fuck all the Evil

Fuck all the numbers
Fuck all the figures
Fuck all emotions
Fuck Fear

Fuck all that is
Fuck all that isn't
Fuck the best
Fuck the rest

Fuck all the lies
Fuck all that's true
Fuck Me
Fuck You

I could go on and on and on and I will!


  1. Lot f F&*^in goin on round here..haha

  2. On a better day try replacing 'fuck' with 'love' - now fuck off and write something else, please.

  3. That is Fuckin awesome! :D hehe!

  4. hahaha :D im gna wtite smething as crude - v inspiring :p !