Monday, December 31, 2007

Same Cross, Different Nails

Everyone Dies
Everyone Fails
Compared to Death's style
Life colours look pale

So love bring out that hammer
I am begging to be nailed
With your sharp words
And your promises
To this cross of life again

Hammer them real deep ok
I want to look cool while I am up there
Oh and rub some oil on my abs
Can I have a clip for my long hair?

I'll hang my head on side for the effect
So I can see my fans all clear
I see them stretched miles for the crucifixion
Hey! I think its a happy new year!

But its same shit different day
The same I had yesterday
Same cross different nails
Just more comments on the email.


Happy New year to You All
Get drunk, Stumble but don't fall
Get friends to walk you, or crawl
But on all counts have a ball!!


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Come, let's take a walk
Hold my hand, just you and me
We can float with the wind
And walk on the sea
Just you and me

, let's watch the foolish people die
Let's watch them squirm like white maggots
I will step on them if you allow
Even you can try

, let's watch this planet burn
I have two chairs on moon for you and me
A bottle of Vodka
We can have some fun

, let's take a walk on the dark side
I know what you are thinking, don't hide
This is the last day of the year
I know you won't say no to me
Take my hand

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Space the final frontier
Its the end of the year
End of so many things
Just hope to forget the memories

Hanging cool in the void
Human contact I avoid
I'm good alone I swear
Don't you dare come near!

I have knives and guns in my hand
Why don't you fucking understand
This is my void not your go away
Thoughtless I am, so I'll stay

Now you expect me to say something strange
Like I am a lunatic and rhyme strange with deranged
But I'll leave you with a piece of wisdom I learned
A thought saved is a thought earned.
A Story A Day >[]
Psycho Poems > []

"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Words In My Head [From the Diary of a Killer King]

The insistent buzz of words in my head
Are the screams I continue to ignore
They are crying and cursing me in words I don’t know
After two thousand years of this. I am bored.

Like all great men I too have killed
I’d be a liar if I saw I wasn’t thrilled
But I am a liar so this is what I’d say
All that sex and violence wasn’t that cool anyway

Just looks great and gory but its quite shitty in reality
In my bloodstained glory I can not bask for eternity
Some pain, even I can feel, I swear this is for real
I have cried when blood smeared the shine of my steel

So as I drink soup from a bowl made of skull of General Kwgahin
I write this little ditty, crossing words on a book made of skin
My pen is made of bone, think I need some more bloody ink
It was tough writing this, I know how to kill but not think!

At least I'm talking of heartbreak and the pain of the soul. Maybe I should!

The Fucking Truth

Love me he said
She did
Do you love me? he asked.
No, I just wanted to fuck.

He and She are of course inter-changeable. We hate everyone equally.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Eternal Conflict Through Time and Space

A Tale of Pain, Anguish, Humiliation and Utter sense of Dejection and Madness
(Told in Pictures)

General Monkelean leads an army


Well informed

Well fed


And Driven Simians

Whereas the man
Just has a Tank

Whose side will you take?

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Gimme Darkness

So black
Like a piece of coal inside a sack
Like lights out after a heavy whack
Like the fingers after taking smack
With my negro coloured friends

So black
Like inside of a cat
Like under a mat
Like a philosophical conversation
With a rat

So black
Like a hair in barber's chair
Like a pool of blood, fresh
Like a song about falling in love
With a blind man

So black
Like a dream inside a scream
Like a stream where none have been
Like a state of drugged paranoia
In my own head
With me

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Know

trapped in this chair I sit
waiting for the pain
something to make me feel
that everything is worth this stupid feeling

the kaleidoscope is in my head
and my hands are frozen stiff
just the fingers work
typing pain on this white screen

the fire is in my stomach
the memory is behind my eyes
I can not let it all go, not now not ever

there will be no end
only pain
and when I have suffered
it will all start again
I know
I just know.
Something without a rhyme this time. The conflict of Tankman and monkeys will surface again...soon. :D

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Peace In My Darkness

The cracks in my stupid heart
Are splayed open for all to see
The mask of smile is on my face
I wash my dirty linen with glee

The memories are really not worth the tears
My dreams only feed on my fucked-up fears
The world is a broken snow globe in the street
Without beauty, without hope, without heat

Ugly stretch marks of my sins
Are tattooed snakes crawling on my skin
You know I never asked for this
But my head and hands are full of shit

And this, this monkey smiles and stares at me
Sitting in a corner munching on peanuts
I try to chill but I want to kill
Have I forgotten not to give a fuck?
One must learn to focus, but life is the biggest distraction.

In the darkness, peace lies.

Damn, someone should get this line tattooed!
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Monday, December 24, 2007

The darkness Of My Toast

Liquid smoke drifts from my eyes
As I look up into the broken skies
A life of betrayal ended by lies
No one can hear my tortured cries

The world is grey my hope is lost
All I am, that I was is toast
So I think I should be what I can
I could surely use some jam

But the toast of my body is burnt
This blackness it seems I have earned
I scrape off the edges but bitter it tastes
This stupidity I want not, so, I shall waste

The juice has a shark swimming it it
I think its turned in a Shark Vod. Shit!
Vodka on the morning of my life
Where is my wife?

Regulars of A Story A Day will recall a Shark Vod. This is just a take on how people use big words and write 'dark' stuff, when the most important thing in life is a decent breakfast.

*Edit--Since I mentioned Shark Vod, here is for your reading pleasure > A Thousand Elephants -One,

A Thousand Elephants Two

enjoy :)


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Letter To Satan Claus

It's Christmas time, the time of joy
Gifts and green Christmas trees, oh boy!
To have fun without a pause
I wrote a letter to Satan Claus

Dear Satan Clause please send me many presents
Transformer toys, power rangers and gameboys
Also include playstation3 and xbox 360
It will make my Christmas if I got a PSP
An Assassin's Creed disc would be pretty nifty
Also I think I need a new watch
I don't mind if its a Rado or a Swatch
Please make sure it has a glow light button
Watching things in dark is so much fun
I'm hanging a big sock over the fire place
Its green and black with lots of space
I'm hoping you would fill it up
Don't even think of fucking it all up

I want all of this and more too
That's why I write a letter in rhyme to you
I bet no one can creative like this
Not even with a red lipstick kiss

So Satan Claus hear me out
Or in your ear I'll scream and shout
This is my Christmas list I hope you complete it good
Or I'll get you like I got Santa.
I really would!

Just a naughty attempt to threaten a higher authority, or shall we say lower?

Merry Christmas all!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Your Poem Makes Me Sick

This will be an opinionated rhyme
I might as well go and commit a crime
This is my jaundiced point of view
This might be about a poem written by you

You think you are dark, menacing and dangerous
You think you have suffered the pain in love
You think you have nursed your broken heart back
You think you have suffered the wrath from above

I can almost picture you sitting in a corner, crying
You have no friends so you cut yourself
Your words tell me that you are sick and dying
Inside you are happy in your own hell

Well my friend, your poem makes me want to puke
If I had my way I'd bomb your head with a nuke
I bet even you don't know the meaning of your big words
Get a life mr poet, you are another one of the herd

Lord, some poems on blogs...gwwwaahh. It's like words through a random word generator.
Give me something fresh, some new pain. The same old shit drives me insane.

Friday, December 14, 2007

One Minute's Tale

The ghost of Melissa is sitting on a wall
Her pet dog Dead is chasing rats in the hall
The red eye of a ghost is lit in her hand
The smoke of her soul is drifting in the red sand

Who is Melissa and why is she here?
How did she die and what is her fear?
Her face is a blur, even Dead is not clear
What is this shadow in the woods coming near?!

A man with a box walks to land of the dead
His eyes fixed on his goal, a cap on his head
His steed now stands idling and he walks alone
Lonely in shadows, shouldn't he be gone?

Melissa spots the man and she waves to him
Her body grows clearer and her clothes grow thin
She stands in the shadow of the big dark tree
She says, "You are late by one minute, now this pizza is free for me."

He He

Ah, hum da de da da you doin?

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Tank Man

The Tankman is big
The Tankman is strong
I think he is right
He knows he is wrong

He's got a big mean tank
In talking he is very frank
His tank is all full of ammo
He will take them all down, you know

His enemies are scattered high up in the trees
They are scared shitless of him, they dare not sneeze
They watch the tank slowly roll in the glade
The Tankman is watching them from the tank's shade

After tonight there will be only one
He has the tank and he has the gun
They just have their nails and stupid tails
Tankman will run them through with his iron hail.

Regular readers will know that Tankman and monkeys have a long standing dispute. References to this aeon old battle are scattered through this blog. Will there ever be closure?

We don't know.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Monkey King

The monkey king swung from tree to tree
Bathing in the glow of glee
It coursed the air like a birdy
It did not see me

I saw the monkey through Infra red
Then I zoomed in on his head
It had a brain like a rainbow shake
How much surveillance would this one take?

It scanned the tree for hostile enemies
The other monkies hovered like maniac bees
They searched for the one man in tank
Who was high on ammo and stank

I then clicked the king monkey
As he sat on top of the biggest tree
I saw and recorded that he had two queens
Soon I knew he will join the has beens.

read my other poems on monkeys too...thanks! More coming soon!
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2) Monkey Attack- 1
3) Monkey Attack- 2
4) Monkey Itch

Sunday, December 9, 2007

If I Could

So cold
Their words
That dig
In my head

Razored Eyes
Stygian feelings
Slice my love
In Lines of white dread

Loud Screams
That Shatter
Images of you
I kept for so long

Fucked People
Speak your name
I'd be ripping tongues
If I could.
Love, I feel so much in Love. Lord...fuck me.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

House Of Confusion

Magic water runs in taps
Heads lie still in baseball caps
Forks and fingers dance on the ceiling
They don't know how I am feeling.

Smell of old farts is prevalent
Which no deodorant can prevent
The doors creak every now and then
The sink stinks of socks of men

Chickens roost upside down on the floor
On every wall, the number of a whore
I tried calling but its just customer care
They say Melissa doesn't live there

The house of confusion is alive but dead
The sound effects of chickens are in my head
I tell them no but I can't ignore
I hear them laugh when I am bored.


That ladies and gentlemen, is a masterpiece.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Strange Thing I Saw

I was walking on the sky going back to my room
I saw a witch dressed in black silk, riding a broom
A monkey sat on a tank banging on its shell
But there was a strange thing I saw, which soon I will tell

A car rolled 360* and a girl flew out of its door
Four idiots stood laughing just cuz they were bored
A banana dropped from the sky and landed at my feet
The strange thing I'm gonna tell won't be so sweet

A flying eye looked at me and a black cat smiled
God asked me for alms and followed me for a mile
I bought a can of Mountain Dew and I was overpriced
The thing I saw was pretty strange, I bet you will be surprised

It was big black and boring, it was running like a brick
It swam like a submarine till all the fish were sick
It flew like a concord faster than speed of sound
I swatted it between my palms and buried it in the ground.

Now the Humanity has been born and the strange thing is all around.
Common sense is inversely proportional to the stupidity around you-- /V

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Icarus Command

Fly said the big man
Fly said the boy
Fly said the lover's heart
Fly said the joy

Fly? thought the arrow
Fly? thought the paper plane
Fly? thought the little wish
Fly? thought the pain

The wind carried me ahead
The Icarus Command in my head
I flew and then I fell like lead
The ground hit me and I was dead

The boy picked the paper plane
The man picked the arrow
The lover's heart glued itself
The joy never turned to sorrow

Collected and Calm
Away from harm
The Icarus Command
And everything will fly, again.

Ha ha~! Losers!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We've been tagged...

Tagged as by the lovely Shimmer for doing a tag about a dream. Sweet.

The rules, now we all here have never been the ones to believe in rules right guys? [Right!]
But just for the heck of it, it goes something like, write about your 'dream,' make it big make it fancy, make it as mad and as psycho as possible. This was written for me or what?!

OK for me, to have a dream, going on a date with the great Marilyn Monroe , taking a ride in a Durango 95, to a Marilyn Manson concert, drinking Mountain Dew with her from one bottle, telling her a story, and off in my own private jet to my private island.


Give me a laptop, a daily supply of Mountain Dew and a net connection and let me write write write.

Right, thats about it.

I tag 3

1) D

2) Alcoholic Poet

3) Phoenixx



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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Six Minutes

Six minutes ton write a poem
Six minutes to express
Six minutes to confuse you
Six minutes to digress

So let's close all the wondos
Open the create post link on the blogger
Then open notepad and type in it
The blogger thingum gets too slow

Oh shit this has taken two minutes
I just have four minutes more
Let's just write anything here and post it
Look! Just four lines more!

Can I expect comments on this?
If I'm hoping, let me hope for a kiss
Of course from a girl and not from a guy
HA! I'm clever like this, I think so sly!

God dammit I love me!
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Friday, November 30, 2007

Monkey Messiah

He stands on a tree, in the land of the free
His words make sense to a chosen few
Monkey messiah will bring you salvation
Only the monkey can save you

He whips off the flies with his barbwire tail
His tongue sprouts poison like a big blue whale
His temple is the tree and the monkeys listen
Their hearts fill with anger, no more human ass kissin

Monkey messiah has revolution in his eyes
He feasts on bananas and eats up the flies
His words are in the wind and they are up in the skies
He builds a primate army to take on the human filth

A man in a tank sees the monkey messiah
First he reloads then he says AH!
He's got an idea much to funky
It might be a messiah, but afterall its a monkey.

Tank man returns again and foils the evil plansd of monkeys to take over this shitty planet!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I See Ugly

The sun sinking down in the sea
A pretty girl who smiled at me
A mother holding her baby
No beauty, just confirmity.

A song written in the sadness of an hour
A promise kept in a mad rush of power
A suicidal man standing on a tower
I can't give a fuck, nothing is pretty

A word that rang in the ears for years
A question of maths that calculated my fears
No time for laughter and no time for tears
I'm just searching for negativity

Some people live in prisons, some live free
In the mirror I look, whats become of me?
Is this face mine? or someone else I see
Where people see beauty, I see ugly

Don't say anything, just don't.
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Phase Two coming soon...

Keep watching this place.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Painful Poem

Woah! what do we have here
Its a poem about pain!
Such a nice four letter lovely word
It rhymes with rain, brain and drain

Poets talk a lot of pain
Artists, patients, people in general
Pain is the badge of lovers and warriors
And every boy who loves a girl

Man! that last line is so awesome!
I should give myself a medal for this!
I mean, come on you never really thought I will
Rhyme general with girl

OK lets get back to pain again
Gee, look out the window its starting to rain
And another thought just crawled in my brain
Hey its the end of the poem again!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

She will break your heart

Today you walk hand in hand
Tomorrow she will refuse to understand
She will look at you like some kind of stranger
Alas, my friend you can not see the danger

You look in her eyes and drown in the blue
She is already looking for someone new
You tangle your dirty fingers in her hair
She doesn't like it and she doesn't care

You give her gifts for every stupid date you remember
From the first on January to the fifth of December
You even gave her a present on her dog's birthday
Dude that is sick, not ok, that's gay

So hear a little warning, a word from the stupid
Get your act together and step out from this shit
She will break you in the end of this I am sure
She will leave you with a pain that has no cure

And before I end this rhyme, I have something more to say
This applies to both guys And girls ok!
Read this as it suits you, cuz in the end its mostly pain
They 'Happily Ever After' is just a fairy tale game.

People in love are hell bent on doing worse and worse to each other. The poem is a she cuz its just from my point of view, if you are a girl, well...make it a 'He'.

Everyone is equal in Poetry and Death.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Wacked and Stacked

I don't remember my last night
This morning I woke up in the gutter
My eyes blinded by the black light
My words came out in a stutter

A dog licked me up from my sleep
With ragged tongue rough like sandpaper
The vomit stains on my clothes were deep
Pictures in my mind just a shady blur

I picked myself up from the trash
Thats where I fell down again
I was out of all kinds of cash
The only thing in my body, pain

I swore I'll never drink a drop
But here I am in a bar with you
We are both Wacked and stacked like idiots
This will be my night forgotten 2


Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Grudge Of Medusa

Serpent hair and whiplash tongue
Aeons old and yet so young
One look at her will make you stoned
You will stay and she will be gone

This is where it goes all belly up.

Screeching voices in my hair whisper the words that I write. Is imagination a curse? I am sure it will get worse. I have heard and written bidden by these sounds, they were in my head but now they are all around. Calliope to my left Mnemosyne to my right and I wonder if I'll get any sleep tonight (again)?

Medusa walks with me on the gilded yellow brick road, she walks behind me and I dare not look back, a boy stand on teh side of the road with a pink umbrella in her hand. he is sucking on a lolli-pop. He gives me the finger. I walk on. There is no castle at the end of the road, only a depleted little hut with a squalid odour.

Medusa edges me on and the serpents hiss. I am me or her, Can you make some sense of this?

Free Worse!! Magnified Madness!!

Monkey Attack - 2

For what God has given me, all my stars I thank
They monkeys don't have a hope in hell, cuz now I have a Tank
Its got armour piercing missiles, its got a very big gun
Now its me versus the monkeys, is sure-shot to be Fun

All my food now gone, calls from some food heaven
The death of peanuts and yellow bananas, I shall avenge
They monkeys will pay in fur and tails, I will make them!
To see them run back to the jungle, will be my revenge

I slowly drive into the trees, and the monkey scatter like bees
I eye them through the scope of my gun, they run
I fire calmly into the hoard,I shoot them one by one.
I can not hear their pained screams, I'm re-loading ammunition

Bang Bang, Ratt-A-Tatt, I fire and they run like hell
The noise eclipses everything like the ringing of an alarm bell
I retire to my home and make a peanut butter sandwich
This is mine alone to eat, no monkeys shall now disturb me.



This one was a bit toughie to write, dunno why, but fun nonetheless :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monkey Attack - 1

They come from trees
Like hoards of bees
With teeth and nails
And psycho tails

They attack

They don't look back

They bite and scream
Even in dreams
They steal my food
This just ain't good

They attack

They don't look back

I stay inside
I hide, I hide
To save my hide
From simian side

They attack

They don't look back

They bite without mercy
They claw without grace
They scream like idiots
They stare at my face

The monkeys attack

They don't look back

I shall have my Revenge!!
All my food lost I shall avenge!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Pen On My Table

The pen on my table is staring at me
Like a snake poised to attack with a venomous tongue
Its body white and black, it lies in silence
Its full of blue poison, its full of violence
(I say it cuz I know it)

It flicks its tongue out like the nib of a pen
I know it will bite me but I don't know when
I sit here in front of it all sweaty but typing
I can not let me fear be visible to this thing

Oh my lord, look! how now it points me my heart!
Its tongue reflects light like the steel of a dart
Its sharp and pointy and coated with venom
My spine gives a shudder like the click of a gun

Its coming for me now
I am frozen with fear
I duck down somehow
Now I have a pen in my ear.

Ta da! I'm making a big gift thingie, which is gonna take some time. Incidentally, i found some old poems of mine while going through my old old mathematics notes. They are more fubar than the ones here, I might put them up here sometime.

Till then, take care and cheers!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nightmares in Chocolate

Chocolate bunnies with big red eyes
White chocolate vultures in the skies
Gems spill from the torn animal life
Dark chocolate dreams chop like a knife

A melting choco demon chews off my wings
The dark chocolate is spread on all my things
My feet stick in the goo and I lose my grip
I fall in the blackish mush, I curse as I slip

A quicksand of chocolate swallows me whole
I splash in the brown goo, in choco rocks I roll
It chokes my throat, it doesn't taste sweet
It bubbles on my skin, scalding me with heat

Chocolate covers my eyes I can no longer see
It drips in my lungs i can no longer breathe
It cover my body like a second brown skin
A statue in chocolate, who will eat me?

Ummmm tasty!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This Is Not

This is an attempt not to be funny
This is an attempt not to earn money
This is an attempt not be a bunny
This is an attempt to run from all things runny

This is not a struggle with strange words
This is not a struggle to be sucked into worlds
This is not a struggle to write a masterpiece
This is a struggle to get away from my niece

This is not a war of man and machines
This is not a war of 'will be's' and 'have beens'
This is not a war of something in between
This is a war of the monkey who was mean, very mean

This is not a poem celebrating genius
This is not a poem about you, me or us
This is not a poem about radio active friends
This is a poem which has just reached its end.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Death Of A Something

It was Something not very nice
Hot as lava and as cold as black ice
In the middle of Times Square it silently cried
Not for too long, cuz then something died

It had clothes made of paper (I think it was clothes)
The latest rage on the ramp, they say
It was thin as a model too. (I weighed it!)
And now I wonder who the hell are 'they'?

It had a dead body, alive like something stygian
If I knew what that word meant this poem won't be fun
I put the corpse in bad and the bag started to run
"Eureka!" I cried as I fumbled with my gun

So I chased it down and shot it six times
Even then I wasn't sure it was dead
I chopped with my sword its pieces too fine
Then I took my hatchet and hacked off its head

This was the Death of something
A strange encounter I had
If you see something better run
This time it will be angry and that, is bad.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It Lies

It Lies
64 meat cutters
In a jaw fit for death

A word
4 syllables
To end or begin life

A Desire
2 Bodies
Disappear into One

A Lie
3 Words
The 'I' in Love You

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Talk with a Higher Power

Dude, whats up? Long time no see.
I've been bored like a duck, whats been up your tree?
I thought a lot of mailing you, did you think of calling me?
But now I've got you by the neck. Let's get talking. Right? Whee!

What about the accidents you've been sending my way?
What about the co-worker who turned out to be gay?
And the lap dancing girl who just would not stay?
The auditioning guitarist who played worst than Brian May!

All the ridiculous shit you've been pumping at me
Stories reading like stupidity and fucked up rhymes in poetry
I'm sick of all these jokes I'm sick sick sick in reality!
I've been trying to write so much but you've kept me busy!!

Ah but now your days are done you can't hold down the muse
I've got a bee in my head and I'll use what I can use
I've had it up to here with your literal abuse
Cuz a writer is what I am, this madness I can't lose.

Dude? you awake? why is your face turning blue?
I just held your neck for a minute what is happening to you?!
Come on stop playing, I just needed someone to talk to
But heck, I've had my rant so I have no use for you!

Monday, October 29, 2007


She trawls the darkness of thoughts
Her fingers claw in the minds of men
Grasping and clutching from one to another
She is Keyblaster, there is no stopping her

She builds a castle on the shore of time
In the sands of eternity which look so fine
Every night the waves wash her dream to dust
But she builds again driven by her lust

She strengthens her creations with the thoughts of men
From the stygian corners, there, here, now and then
Every night the castles stands a little longer
Before the waves wash off the creation and the creator

Keyblaster has vowed to create her home
Where she will feed on evil thoughts all alone
But someone on the other end of sea doesn't agree
Keyblaster is imprisoned, never to be set free

She still builds her castle
From thoughts of poets and men
A godly creation touched by satan
She builds her home into the night


Keyblaster, the word came in my head when i woke up from a night of heavy dreaming.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chaos Love

She walked in my life like a car crash on a highway
The thing in my chest gave a lurch like a heart attack
The world tumbled around her like a tower
She could kill with her looks, such was her power

All her love letters always made the postmen sick
The only sound from her gifts was a slight tick tick
Her emails had the virus-es which made my system crash
Her lipstick tasted sweet but it gave me a rash

Our first date was in July and I still remember
I was food poisoned from that day till first of November
A waiter slipped on something and caught the table on his head
I know this cuz he he cursed me while he lay in next bed

She sent me dead roses which stank of the gutter
The flies near me died and the birds didn't flutter
I know it wasn't her, not really her mistake
But there is only so much that a man can take

And this love of mine wasn't meant to be so weak
I got out of the hospital and married her the next week
Now cursed with three hellions my life is a wreck
Her love is a leash that is tied on my neck

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tricky Roads

The monster with one red eye stares at her
The booze in her system shuts off the fear
The pops in another sweet painkiller
And washes it down with a swig of beer

The numbers all count from 60 to 1
She is waiting for zero and oh so much fun
She starts the bike and spins the accelerator
The numbers reach 3 and she is in first gear

A man on a yellow bike zips past her machine
A mad urge to race kicks into her blood stream
She lets out a battle cry and there she goes flying
Wind whips her hair and her eyes start crying

She zooms past the yellow bike and flips him the bird
That man is in a white coat, four eyed like a nerd
His front teeth are broken, his chin is unshaved
She laughs like a maniac as she vrooms ahead

The nerd is a stickler won’t give up the fight
They both turn the corner just on to the right
She twists her machine like a snake in the heat
She will gladly kill but not accept defeat!!

The nerd is now gaining which she doesn’t like
She takes the beer bottle from the front of her bike
One last swig and she throws it behind her
The sound of the tumbling crash just keeps getting sweeter
This one is inspired by Meenakshi's post!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thus Spake God...

It was a bad night in a good way and then God woke up
He had the worst hangover and his head was fucked
He picked up his shoes from the pool of his vomit
The broke through the door cuz he HAD to take a shit.

Mrs God was pissed as he walked into his house
She was armed with a bat and he cowered like a mouse
She started to speak as God willed himself deaf
All he really wanted was his favourite decaf

She threw him out of heaven and he walked on for miles
He sat down and got up and then cursed his piles
Satan saw him walking and beckoned him with a smile
So they both sat together and cursed Mrs God for a while

I've had it up to hear with that bitch and her ways
Satan nodded his head as he listened to God say
I'm gonna get a tent and live my life in a park
But then he noticed that the world was so dark

So God hitched up his birches and pumped up his chest
This was gonna happen but once he had to make it the best
Mrs God was coming for him she was not done with the fight
God ran for his life in the dark and screamed "Let there be Light!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Smoke The Sun

She smoked the sun after dinner
The eternal cigarette kept getting thinner
I could not care much about the sun
Breathing her smoke vomit was much more fun

She stared at me from a veil of smoke
I smiled and said something but then I choked
She giggled like a bunny at my painful expense
Took her a while to realise it was no pretense

I fell to the floor writhing like a fish
She dabbed her cigarette in a petri dish
She slammed one heeled foot in my spine
I coughed out the dinner which was not so fine

I felt ok as she smiled and picked me up
She lit the Earth cigarette this time I couldn't give a fuck
Life burned out of me and I was again on the floor
She smiled, smoked the earth and walked out of the door

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Been A Long Time

Ice Cream screams for more and more
The axe is stuck in the back of the door
There is blood drying silently on the floor
And a long time since I last saw her

Headphones whisper satanic verses
The snow on the TV has an evil color
The air stinks like four months old socks
Been a long time since I saw her

Radio silence has ghosts of dead RJs talking
Animated, they sing songs of dead rock stars
Screaming into the night a banshees dances
Been a long time since I saw her

The shotgun plants a French kiss on my mouth
Embracing me like the Anaconda in my dream
One rib breaks, punctures heart, I pull the trigger
Gonna be a long long time till I'll get to see her

Are you ready?

Monday, September 24, 2007

The meme part two

Right. Now there are things that i do and things that i don't do. One of the things that i don't do is say otherwise to my friends. Meenakshi rightfully reminded me that the meme was on her blog asn it was my bad that i missed it. So here goes 'nothing'.


Never been the one for rules, except the few of grammar, but in a nutshell, take your middle name or some name you would like, divide the letters and you have to write something that's important in your life corresponding to that letter. I choose F U B A R :)

1) F- Fucked! ok thats what the letter stand for, and that's what it means to me. When you are at terms with the fact that you are fucked in the head, it becomes damn easy to deal with life and all the surrounding bullshit. 90% of the people in the world can not come to term with their negativity, their failures, their addictions, and the bad things that they do and that is the reason why this world is a shitty place to live in, and the remaining 10%? They make this lil blue ball worth living in. The 10% for me are the musicians and artists of today who have taken their shortcomings and made something beautiful out of it. Of course there are people i admire but then this list is about ME!

2) U- You! Yes I mean you constant reader ( thanks mr king for the phrase). We all need some loving, even god does, if he didn't then someone explain religion to me! God i'm not, just a human being looking for my share of hugs and warmth in this cold world. This is where you come in, even if you always read and never leave a comment. I thank U!

3) B - BANG! This is the sound of an idea crash landing in the desert of my head. I reach forward and pluck out all the debris and present something worth looking at in front of you! That is also the sound of the gunshot, what does it signal? rebellion, freedom, or cold blue murder? God knows but that is the sound I love to hear, again and again and again. Among other things.

4) A - Apocalypse- I am not a Christian but the image of the four horsemen riding out at the time of the ultimate The End is just too romantic in a way to ignore. I am seriously hoping to see that in my lifetime :) Maybe the end will be four missiles of apocalypse riding out into the sunset. And did I mention that "Apocalypse Now" is one of my favourite movies!

5) R - Rock N Roll!! - If a piece of writing does not rock why write it all, thats what I believe in. Be it a poem, a story, a rant or a suicide note the only thing that matters is that it should rock the socks off anyone reading it!

That was it, thanks to Meenakshi for this opportunity for letting out some steam. Hope I have done it all right. Cheers to you all, feel free to take the tag and do it on your own blog.

Keep rocking Keep writing!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Memes and Tags

There are Bloggers I like to read
I have them all on my google reader feed
And some of them like and remember me too
So I heard I have been tagged times two

So here is an answer to both the tags you see
Canterbury Soul and Meenakshi tagged me
So read on for some more madness in prose
It just gets worse as this poem comes to close.

Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open, He of some crazy haikus and a story about Alice and a Dodo, Now because I am all up for Dodo rights (one of the reasons I'm doing this tag) so here goes Nothing, My five strengths as a writer.

1) Madness - People see a cute furry rabbit, I see a Demon from the eighth dimension of hell, with scaly hide and flames coming out of his nostrils, with a tale that shadows the sun and claws that can rip steel into ribbons.

2) Stubbornness- When I set my mind to something, no matter how fucked up, i gotta DO/Have/try/eat/write/fuck/kill/(add your favourite activity here) it. People call it focus I call it stupidity, but stupidity that works!

3) Typing speed - Yes! Sounds weird? but it isn't , thoughts come in your head at an instant and if you haven't written typed them down, POOF! they are gone and others take their place, So yup, what point bring a writer if you can not type/write!

4) Negativity - A bit like madness but when you can imagine how bad things could have been you really appreciate things as they are. That also gives an edge to my writing, cuz i always think, what is the worst way to 'Tick off' a character and end a story!

5) Curiosity - I like things, I like people, I like to fuck with people's heads and see how they react. I like to see the world around me, anything and everything as a story in it, you just gotta reach in and drag it out. So everything is interesting to me, and it's near impossible to get bored, because i'm always curious about everything.

Those were the five I think are my strengths. I'm not tagging anyone, if you wanna do this, you are all welcome to put it on your blog.

Now, Miss Meenakshi's tag!
Well since Meenakshi deleted the tag post, i have no freaking idea what it was about...So I'll just let it pass, anyway, I just hope that she posts more often :)

Cheers to ya all!!


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Fuck life
Fuck death
Fuck CO2
Fuck every breath

Fuck all the memories
Fuck all the stories
Fuck the funny ones
Fuck that were gory

Fuck this planet
Fuck all the humans
Fuck the animals too
Fuck all thats called 'Fun'

Fuck my/your God
Fuck our Devil
Fuck All thats Good
Fuck all the Evil

Fuck all the numbers
Fuck all the figures
Fuck all emotions
Fuck Fear

Fuck all that is
Fuck all that isn't
Fuck the best
Fuck the rest

Fuck all the lies
Fuck all that's true
Fuck Me
Fuck You

I could go on and on and on and I will!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Download Monster

I take a break from the journey
A breath and then I'm on again
This is a ride through the www
To download everything would be a pain

I spend so much time online
And then I complain about life
But I have to spend so much time online
I have to find a wife!

So I'm writing a poem for the world tonight
I'm writing a poem soaked in fright
If the world is at my finger tips
Then would it follow the words on my lips?

These wires and electrons connect me
Through them I hear and I see
Still the world is bigger than I can ever be
But I will download it all, I promise!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Sadness of Company

I sit with you, you sit with me
We talk of things that we can't see
Of Love, Life, Pain and people and misery
It all starts and ends at you and me

You stare at the invisible world behind my shoulder
Where pink unicorns copulate with teddy bears
Your mouth runs on automatic spilling the beans
And I stare at the world behind your back

Your hands weave spider webs in the air
I'd follow them if only I could care
You said I listen well so that's what I do
You pay for the coffee and I'll always listen to you

And now that the diatribe is done and gone
The coffee mugs are empty all the words have been spoken
Still there is some dirge left to talk of
And you call me for company again next weekend.


People who like to talk

Saturday, September 1, 2007


There is a new animal stalking the woods of the night
Alive, or dying, it's flashing in and out of light
Seeking attention and yet staying in shades
From the lofty peaks of heaven to fires of Hades

Twenty six letters, ten numbers and some punctuation marks
They bang their fingers into keys and upload their hearts
Then check back again and again thinking someone must have read
Left a comment or heck maybe two is all that revolves in their head

Now listen animal listen this is what i have to say
People will not read your crap but they just may
Do you think strangers have the time to waste reading chunks of text!
About your boring little pathetic life, and it don't even have any sex!

And you can't write FUBAR, your prose is plain
Your poetry don't rhyme, and boring is your name
People won't waste time on leaving comments on junk
Cuz if you ain't something fucked up, you ain't got no spunk

So listen new animal, a word of advice
Keep your words sweet, you might have to eat them
Make few friends, you might have to beat them
Write less, but write good, that's all i have to say
Now hat you have read this far, be on your way

Bye bye


This one is for bloggers who like to write long, with tough words and no breathing space for the eyes. Sorry I won't read you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Questions and Answers

An ant crawled up on the keyboard
Trying to press a button or two
I pressed 'W' and killed the ant (accidentally)
All in name of mailing you.

This set me musing on the meaning of life
A four letter word which rhymes with wife
Some people live and some people die
While others just watch them, laugh and lie

But that doesn't answer my question at all
That's the whole trick said a voice in my head
Ah, I see, No, I hear and understand
What people don't know even when they are dead

The answer is that there is no answer
Because you have to learn the questions first
When life is the biggest question, so clever
Can there be an answer to forever?

Friday, August 24, 2007

I am Eighteen

This world is mine for taking
I am eiteen!!, i am eiteen!!
Fuck the world!! fuck the world!!
I am in love with the ! key!!!!!!

I will fuck them all, I will never fall
I am young, hot blood runs in my veins
I will learn to fly before I learn to crawl
My horse is made of fire I bite into the reins

I think I'm losing my fucking brain
I don't think therefore I am not
I'm not cool I'm not hot
This liquid misery is all I've got

Turn the clock to future fast
All this anger is not meant to last
Someday I'll look back and laugh
At my stupid teenage anger, ha ha

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


He is the mad dragon of Lao Tsu
He has eaten six planets now he's looking for you
If he doesn't find you i'm sure he won't rest
This the reality and this is not a test

It's like waking up from a dream and finding it true
Like a mathematic question paper is in front of you
No way you can cheat and you don't know shit
You are scared to bits and you can't go back to sleep

Yes yes yes, this is just like this
You will get eaten by the mad dragon's kiss
He will roast you first to 215 degrees
Nothing better than a human cooked above the knees

So tonight when you sleep keep just one eye closed
Tape the other up or staple it or don't sleep at all
The mad dragon is waiting in your dreams
With a maths question paper, just waiting for your screams.

He will eat you rolled in your answer sheets.

Then Burp!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jungle Fun

The big weasel said yes
The little bird said no
The bear picked his bag
And said goodbye to the crow

A light shone upon the jungle
The tiger chewed on grass
A deer hunted down a zebra
A crocodile let a rabbit pass

A hunter stood all bewildered
Another hunter dropped his gun
One mumbled and walked away
One heard it said that it was no fun

A drop of violence wandered aimlessly
In the jungle where peace had descended
Tigers and monkeys roamed in harmony
The eternal feud had ended

The came man, armed with bigger guns, they all had a lot of fun.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Nonsense Litany

Uh hum Uh Hum
Pay attention
This new rant
Is really important!

Where is the sense in the world?
Where are the roses in the mud?
Where is the peace that was promised?
And all the non-sense is not missed

The Tv feeding shit in heads of you and me
Your brains actually, I don't watch Tv
The radio is spewing out equal amounts of shit
I'm pretty happy not listening to it.

Somethings will always make sense and others not
Like an ice cube full of fire, is it cool or hot?
The magic of the winds you just choose to ignore
There is too much music all around, how can you get bored?

Just like always we are at the end of the road,
But there is a turn at the bend by the grace of Zod
If you see a man on the road with a sign saying HELL
We are all going there you might pick him as well.

We strive to not make sense!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Monkey Itch

There is an itch inside your head, I have heard
You can't get rid of it even if you speak like a nerd
You talk normally to all when you are out of home
But in your room you hold your head and cry alone

Ha! yes! I'm pointing these fingers at you
I must because this is something no one else will do
I have to tell you this because this is very very vital
To maintain your sanity and for your survival

Yes it sounds scary now I know you are concerned
But the itch is the fire where anyone can get burned
I have doused mine so I am spreading the word
Now to the last para, read and don't be a nerd

The World Was Formed From The Sneeze Of A Monkey
And this sentence holds the key, you'll see, he he
Next time you feel the itch, don't start to bitch
Learn this poem by heart and face the curse of the monkey


That's about it.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Blogger Wonders

Am I typing my madness to empty space
Are people reading something in this place
These lazy buggers won't leave a comment
Are they so happy to observe my torment?

I spend my time rhyming this shit
I put up a feed, cbox and counter for hits
There is even an email subscription too
Then why don't I get comments from you?

I don't mean to get preachy I just want to entertain
Get some of the madness into your brain
But you just come and read, don't the words move you?
Would it take a song from me on youtube to groove you?

But if I sang a song you won't be able to take it
Till the end of it you won't be able to make it
So know what to do I'm done with dropping hints
Be a good reader and leave me comments!!!


This is dedicated to all the comment hungry bloggers :)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Own Dream

Something went bump in the night
I woke up taken by a fright
My room filtered in a blue moonlight
Another dream had taken flight.

I feel the hunger in my stomach
I feel the thirst for blood in my soul
I feel the madness crawling at the back of my neck
I feel the night dissolving in one tiny speck

I am awake and bathed in sweat yet
I see her sitting close by me
She oblivious to my presence
Does she know that I can see...her

I ask her things and she whispers replies
Every time she speaks a little of me dies
The I ask her to lull me back to sleep
And give me a dream that is mine to keep.


Corresponding story "I, Night" on A Story A Day

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stray Words Strung Together

My heart is full of lead
There's a memory in my head
Something I'm keeping for a rainy day
A photograph that will never fade away

Someone's leaving on a plane
The voice is now in my brain
Speaking a poem on a lost goodbye
I don't wanna shut it, I don't wanna try

I feel like destroying something beautiful
When all the world is black and white dull
I can do it but I doubt if I can
What will God say to this man?

My thoughts are stray and broken tonight
I gave up then I started the fight
It's futile I know, cuz no one really wins
When the end comes, you have to pay up for your sins.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Songs of Doom

God said hi to me today
Even though I do not pray
I just wanna live, have fun
So I'd rather be friends with Satan

Of course people would raise questions
On this funny friendship with the fallen one
The bringer of light, the most beautiful angel
We could share a beer ot two in a bar on Hades

We could make a plan or two while Earth is frying
But all the good in the world is already dying
Earthlings rats in their cages and no one is free
So I watch news with Satan and laugh at the TV

In this chaos and anarchy we have learned to live
We have taken everything and we have nothing to give
When things hit bottom we cry and blame God
God doesn't give a shit, he's listening to his ipod.

Satan is over the moon
Listening to his Zune
I am but a man
Happy with my Sony Walkman

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Lost Goodbye

Some arrows are intended to miss
Sometimes a smile is sweeter than a kiss
Sometimes time has its own slow pace
We were never in a hurry to finish this race

Some words are never meant to be spoken
Some walls are never meant to be broken
Still we speak, choose victory over defeat
Break the wall and lo! it's someone else we meet

Some surprises you can not understand
Some meanings are not to be asked
Heck, use google when you can
Leave some element unknown of this man

So what the hell am I going about
Some might be confused but one is not
That one can read between the lines better than me or you
That one can, that one does and that one will doo


Goodbyes are never final, so till we 'bump' into each other again .... ;)

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stupid Man

A man walks to the edge of the river
He feels a chill and starts to shiver
Something must have walked over his grave
He thinks about giving up being brave

He breathes deep and fills his lungs
Strange words start forming on his tongue
He whispers some and screams the others
Throwing curses at the wind and the river

He steps in the frigid calm waters
His feet rustle the mud at the bottom
A movement far away catches his attention
And he walks deeper into the river

He knows that they are coming for him
He knows how fast they can swim
He knows how sharp their teeth are
He knows they are not too far


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today, like Yesterday

There was a ghost in my head today
He told me a story and he went away
I wrote it down for all to see
I found company in my misery

I saw a bird in the sky today
For a change not a vulture this time
A crow that came from far away
And told me all the words that rhyme

For some reason time is slow today
It's been two hours since I last said something
Slavery is much better some days
At least you get paid for doing nothing

I read a poem on a blog today
Sad it was but it made me laugh
So I wrote a pointless one from my side
So you can laugh on my behalf

Now say ha ha

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Senselessness

What have I done with all my life's time
What can be the reward for all my crimes
Who will be the judge and the jury for this man
What can I do with all this stupid fury, if I can.

The questions fall on my head like ugly raindrops
I can't complain cuz I don't understand
This hopelessness has stemmed from the best of my hopes
A life once alive is now bleeding in my hands

As I watch this world turn, move, rush and spin
The monster smiles in my mind and sometimes it grins
I keep a diary of my sins and add them all in my head
To argue with god on gates of hell whenever when I'm dead

This sadness of senselessness has taken over me
I am so engulfed in myself that there is nothing I can see
There is a word in my book, that was never meant to be
All wounds hurt and the last one kills, can the truth set a soul free?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


You can never win the rat race
Are you even sure you are running
The end and start are at one place
Everyone running for the same thing.

Running with the rats, there is never any peace
Everyone clawing and biting at everyone else
Run with one eyes closed, keep palms greased
You can only get ahead by stepping onto necks.

Run with a grin and outrun your sins
Don't let them ever catch up with you
Kill to live and live to kill
In a rat race, violence is the only thrill

Now, closer to the finish line
Well, this has been fun
I've left my dead soul behind me
And I'm back at where I begun

Monday, July 16, 2007

Somewhere Fear

A raging fury builds slowly
Volcanos seethe inside me head
I crawl into the darkness within
And talk to things under my bed

The voices speak of all things strange
Of madness, dreams, death and pain
Of lands where everyone is deranged
And sermons relayed through the insane

I listen
I hear
I remember
I fear

I wait for them to come for me
To take me away, on my way
To somewhere strange, to something new
Away from me and all of you.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cursed with Memories

Bad songs on a lonely night
A hungry heart which won't fight
A scalding pain tearing me apart
I hate to think this is just the start

More follows
In new shapes
Left alone for dead
I never asked for this much space

I can do nothing but hold on
Like a dying man hanging on to hope
To a memory of long ago
Should I let it go?

But who is holding who?
Whose face in whose head?
The vicious circle of a thought
Somethings I just don't want to forget

Sunday, July 8, 2007

In the Shadows of Stupidity

There is a shadow in the corner
Could be him or could be her
When I move it does not stir
And I'm taken by a stupid fear

There are things that don't make sense
Grammar of past or present tense
Rhyme of this poem is in check
But the end might be a wreck.

What am I trying to say?
Do I want to have my way?
Is this poem turning gay?
Ah! my needle in the hay!

First poem